Sunday, September 25, 2011

How To Expand Your Google +1 Circle Fast

I've noticed that Google +1 people are participating in plus one features more actively than in Facebook. Today I've added more than 300 Google plus members in just a few minutes and I was amazed how people respond to my one single post!
So this blog post is about how you can make more friends in Google +1 in minimum time, and indirectly Earn More Money From Google +1.

I've also heard that Facebook has a rule that you can't more than 30 friends per day. But thats not the case, I've a legal way of making 300 Facebook Friends a day, which requires some extra time from your side.

To know more please read my post about "Making 5000 Facebook Friends Super Fast" and "Make Facebook Friends Rapidly With Facebook Blaster Pro"

The best thing is you can add as many friends in your Google + circle. Please go through the steps below to make friends in Google plus fast.

1. If you don't have Google plus one account, you can easily join with me by sending your email via

NOTE:It will normally take just 1-2 days. Remember, your email won't be misused for any purpose.

2. After Signing up Google +1, Login to Google +.

3. After Logging, your Google plus 1 homepage will be like this:

4. As you see, you can search your field of interest in the Search Google+ box. However, I searched making money. 

5. You'll have options to search many things like People, Google+ Posts and Sparks. Click on "People" tab to add them in your circle.

6. Next, you'll get a list of lots and lots of people related to "making money".

Now Here's The Trick

1. Drag your mouse to the "Add to circles" button

2. A pop menu will appear and you'll be able to add to Friends, Family, Acquaintances and Following. Or even create your own circle.

3. If you want to add to "Friends" circle, just click on it and you're done. It takes less than a second to do that!

4. Similarly, use the above 3 methods for all the remaining people. 

If you've got any question let me know. Meanwhile learn more about Google +1:

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- How To Sign Up For Google +1

- Earn More Money With Google Plus

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