Saturday, August 27, 2011

Making 5000 Facebook Friends Super Fast

I hope you know that Facebook only allows 30 friends per day. However there are some ways you can still make 100 friends per day and that is only when people send you friends request, only if they know you. But if you tend to add 100 friends per day then Facebook can ban your account with or without any notice

So I've found a way that you can make 300 friends per day from Facebook without any Facebook warning, legally.
We all know that Facebook is the top social network over the net with more than 750 million users worldwide. Amazingly, more than 250 million users are online at one time. Which means if you can get massive traffic from Facebook then it will boost any internet business to the top! And one way is to get 5000 friends in Facebook.

I'll come to the point. How would you make 5000 Facebook friends super fast? This is simple and it will only take 2-3 weeks to make 5000 facebook friends. Just follow few steps below:
  • Create 10 email addresses (whose name is related to your business field) using any free email service like Yahoo, Msn or Gmail etc.
  • Next is Facebook Sign up. Use each of the 10 email address for signing up. In this way you'll have 10 different Facebook accounts.
  • Manage your accounts one by one (make good and attractive Facebook profile).
  • Add 30 Facebook friends each day manually (only which are related to your business field), using all of the 10 Facebook accounts.
  • You'll be able to add 30 X 10 = 300 Facebook friends per day.
  • If possible make a Facebook fan page, make all your facebook accounts the admin and invite your friends daily.
Finally I suggest not to add more than 30 unusual Facebook friends. Some people will claim that they're adding 100 friends a day but Facebook don't disturb them, its not because they're superior, they're just lucky. 

NOTE: I've added a software called "Registered Facebook Blaster Pro" FREE OF COST, to add Facebook friends even more fast.

I believe this post will help you in future to bring Facebook traffic and promote business in any field. If you have any question or feedback please share in the comment box. Please FOLLOW this blog or subscribe via RSS if you find this blog helpful.


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