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How To Add A Blog Posts With Facebook Applications Automatically

Until now, you've been posting your blog on facebook manually, which usually takes a lot of time and hard work. At the end of the day you'll get only a fraction of traffic to your blog. So today I've found an awesome solution to your problem. Just connect your blog to Facebook and the job is done. Your blog posts and also RSS feeds will be posted to your facebook profile or facebook page automatically without any hastle!

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I won't take much time so lets get to the point. I'll explain 3 types of Facebook Applications which will allow Facebook Connect with your blog.
  1. Networked Blog
  2. My Blog Posts
  3. Social RSS
  • In case the above link works then please go to the fifth step.
  • Login to Facebook
  • In the Search Box enter "NetworkedBlogs". You'll see the results like this:

  • Click on "View App". You'll be taken to the Networked Blogs Page. 
  • Now Click on "Goto App", as shown below:
  • You'll see a list of posts made by Networked Blog. For the time ignore that. You have to add your blog to networked blogs application. Click on "Register Your Blog" on the top right corner of the page.
  • Fill in the details of your blog and proceed with "Next"
  • In this page, you'll be asked to verify your blog so you have to add a widget of Networked Blogs to your blog for verification. (You can remove the widget after the blog verification)
  • After that you can invite your friends and let them know about your blog.
  • That's it. Now whenever you post something to your blog, it will automatically be posted to your Facebook Profile or Page. 
Please refer to the image below:

Example of my blog added to Networked Blog
2. My Blog Posts(CLICK HERE)

This great Facebook Application is also used to post your blog on auto pilot. But it has an advantage of inviting 40 friends, unlike Networked Blogs which allows only 7 invitation, at one time. Moreover, you cannot add Facebook Page in My Blog Posts.
  • If the above link works, then goto fourth step.
  • Search the facebook for "Myblogposts". The results will be as shown below:
  • You can see "My Blog Posts" in the results, now goto "View App".
  • In the Main Page of My Blog Posts, click on "Goto App"
  • Next, enter your blog address as I've done in the image below:
  • After adding the blog, invite friends
  • Finally, after inviting your Facebook Profile will be connected to your blog!
3. Social RSS (CLICK HERE)

Adding RSS feed in Facebook will increase web site traffic massively! Please follow the steps to add RSS feeds to your profile page.
  • If the above link works then please click "Goto" and proceed to the 3rd point.
  • Search for "Social RSS" in the search box. Choose the application by referring to the image below:
  • In the application page, fill in all the details about your blog. You can add multiple feed urls to display on your Facebook Profile Page. Make sure to check "yes" for the "Send to your wall" option. 
  • I've made a screenshot about entering the details in the application page. Please refer to the image below to complete the RSS feeds procedure:
  • In the end, click on "update" and that's it! Your feeds will now be placed on your Facebook Wall to let all your friends and family now about your blog posts and RSS feeds.
This method is very helpful in bringing massive targeted traffic to your blog from Facebook. Besides, you must also check out other ways to guarantee high traffic of unique visitors by clicking here

NOTE: There are two more facebook apps for auto submit your blog posts:

1. RSS Graffiti

2. HootSuite

You can use them also if you want to. I recommend you must use all of them.

If you have any kind of question then kindly ask in the comment box. I'll answer asap

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