Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Link Exchange: Blog sites that will link me, I will certainly link back.

Backlinks play a very important role in increasing targeted traffic to website. I hope you know what backlink is? If not then let me tell you, its easy.

I am about to backlink every single weblogs that will backlink to this blog. Which means, if you ever put a link for my blog on your own blog, I'm going to link back to your blog as well. I add new blogs and websites daily to my backlink list. 

For that reason, I highly recommend you give your website or blogspot link inside the comment box. I certainly will put your blog inside the bloglist in 1-2 days.

For blogs that I have linked before, since I have changed my blog template, the previous links to some blogs are missing. So, please leave a link to your blog or any webpage(even a link to your affiliate product or article link) in below so that I can update and add free backlinks for you in my list.
You can Bookmark, Subscribe OR FOLLOW this blog and visit again to check your back link. Believe me it will help increase your pagerank!

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    NOTE: Link to my blog using the code below and tell me in the comment box. I'll be happy to link back


    lovely said...

    I will put your link for free, below the widget "My Blog List" and will name it "My Friend's Blog List", and expecting this from your side also...

    See my blog;...

    For Daily Facebook News Visit:

    Maria said...


    DONE! Thanx!

    Jatin Singhroha said...

    I want to take advantage of this website . Plz send me ideas how i can improve my website ( can i submit my website to search engines...plz reply me on my email - ..

    Greenleaf said...

    I will place your link on my blog soon. Thanks for linking my blogs. I will inform you after I linked your blog. :)

    jang ho said...

    Ready, thanks!

    Haider said...

    Good Work ....

    united gold direct said...

    Good day this website is very cool and interesting..

    Thomas said...

    how do I link your sites?? Please guide me.. :(

    Thomas said...

    Already Linked to your sites as Recommended sites below the "thank you for the visits" Widget!! :)

    Dude said...

    I already place your blog in mine look:
    i hope my blog gonna listed here soon :)

    MOHAN said...

    I placed your link in "our links" widget...MOHAN

    Maria said...



    Dude said...

    Thank you Maria!

    Dudeknows said...

    Maria look
    hope my blog listed here too.

    Easy Official said...

    I have put your link in my link exchange page..please check at there..hope for my link too..give your comment there when exchange is done..thanks...

    name : Easy Official
    url :

    Arbaz said...

    I have put a your link in my footer ....
    Hope my blog will be listed here too.....

    mrmoneyguru said...

    I will gladly to put your link on my blog.

    yaswanth reddy said...

    check it

    yaswanth reddy said...

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