Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How To Sign Up For Google Plus

Google is launching its social network website Google Plus 1, which is going to be very effective for making money online. Millions of people around the world want to join Google Plus One to get most out of it. 

I've recently joined Google Plus 1 and the Good News is you can join me in Google Plus too! 

If you like to join now then kindly contact me via

Please note that your email address won't be misused for any spam or wrong purpose.
  • After your request to join Google Plus one, I'll send you an invitation email asap which will be like this:

  • After receiving the email, click "Join Google+", you'll be prompted to a new window for signing up Google Plus.

  • Google Plus is in free trial so by signing up you must accept the terms stated by Google "Things may not always work as intended. By using this product in Field Trial stage, you're responsible for protecting yourself and your data from any risks, including data loss or disclosure. By signing up, you also agree that we may contact you to ask for feedback about the product."
  • At this moment I've 150 invitations left, so anyone (related to internet marketing) can send me invitation request. 
I really hope that you'll find this article interesting. If yes then you might be interested about "Earn more money with Google Plus 1"

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Philip Morris said...

Hey I want to join Google Plus but how can I contact you ? should I give you my email address here?

Maria said...

You can send me ur email or contact me via kontactr me, click on KONTACTR ME, which is also located at the right sidebar.

Anonymous said...

i send u email. but no reply yet ?

Maria said...

If its you Alan, then check ur mail.

Cecile said...

Thank you for the invite!! It worked perfectly.

Simon said...

thanks Maria. Works like a charm.

Maria said...

You're welcome :)

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