Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to Add Google plus One Buttons Anywhere On Blogger

More than half of the internet users are finding ways to have a Google Plus One account and connect google +1 to their blogs via google plus one buttons. I hope you know that there's a big competition between Google +1 and Facebook, mainly because they're one of the biggest social networks around the world.

Want To Join Google +1?

If you have a Google +1 account that's good but if you don't then you can sign up google plus one and join my circle. How? Send me your email from here

Please note that your email won't be used for any purpose. And don't post your email in the comment box. This is to avoid spamming. Please expect a delay of 1-2 days of google plus sign up invitation.

Why Adding Google Plus One (+1) On Blogger Is Important?

After signing up google plus one and adding me to your circle, it's better to be aware why adding google plus one on blogger is required:

1. The blog will appear updated to the visitors with latest social sharing buttons.

2. Google is among the major search engines and it will have give you and your blog/website more search engine exposure. 

3. To know more about google +1 metric and how the +1 buttons can bring effective traffic to your blog/website, read the article from google webmaster central blog.

4. Watch the video about "The Google+ Project" below for more information:

5. I've added some more information about "How to sign up for Google Plus One" and "Earn More Money With Google Plus". So check them if you want to.

Adding +1 Buttons Anywhere On Blogger

1. Select the way you want your +1 button from the +1 configurator below:

Configure the Google +1 Button Example

Button Type
Location of the Button

2. Sign in to Blogger and click on Design > Edit HTML. Check "Expand widget templates". Use Ctrl-F and search for </head> and add the following code before </head>:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js">
{lang: 'en-US'}

3.  Next find  <data:post.body/> and immediately below that paste

<g:plusone size="standard" expr:href="data:post.url"/>

4. "Preview" the template. You will see the +1 button at the required location.

5. "Save the template" and you're done.

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