Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cool New Blog Post Rating Widget For Blogger - Max Blog Reputation

Like you see at the end of this post, a cool new rating widget for the blog post. This blogger plugin can bring more popularity and maximize reputation your blog. It will also help attract readers and they will be forced to click you link. The rating widget is from Js-Kit. I saw this cool new blogger widget from Blogged Up and made some new changes for more blog exposure. I recommend you check Blogged Up because its a good blogging tricks website.

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Once the blog post rating widget is installed you'll see the widget like this:

Let's install this widget in 3 easy steps:

1. Login to Blogger > Design > Edit HTML (Check the "Expand Widget Templates")

2. Find the code as shown below:

   <div class='post-footer'>                       

3. Just before this code, enter the given code below:

   <div class="js-kit-rating" title="" permalink=""></div>
   <script src=""></script>                                    

4. Finally, "Save the Template"

NOTE: If you have any type of related posts or you might like this widget, like in this blog, post the above code (From step 3) just before the code below:

   <div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

So I hope, by now, you've installed blogger post rating widget and realised how important this blogger widget is? If you have any new idea or any questions let me know. 

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Regiograph said...

Thanks for sharing the widget for blog post rating. Really appreciated.

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