Saturday, September 10, 2011

Free Online Data Entry Jobs - Axion Data Services

Data Entry Jobs are highly recognized throughout the world because they're very easy with great income. Nowadays, Online Data Entry Jobs is getting more popularity then Office Data Entry Jobs. To get Online Data Entry Jobs NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED of any kind. You only need to have:

- Good Internet Connection
- Good Typing Speed (Around 40-60 words per minute)
- Basic Computer Knowledge
- Basic Communication Skills

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So check your typing speed with Typing Test. My current typing speed is 49 wpm (View Image Above). Which means anyone can type more than that easily. So if you're internet loads my blog in 5 seconds, and you understood what I've written by now then you meet all the requirements for Online Data Entry Jobs!

Check out Axion Data Entry Services minimum requirements, which are the same as above.

In this article I'm going to tell about a Legitimate Data Entry Jobs Online Company. It provides various Data Entry Services which pay from $0.8(small forms) to &8.0(large forms). The large forms usually take around 30-40 minutes to complete depending on your typing speed.

About Axion Data Servies

This Online Data Entry Provider has been around since 1996 and 100% scam-free. It has been ranked A+ by Better Business Bureau. You can also research through internet about Axion Data Services ScamI must say, this is one of the true legitimate data entry jobs company over the internet world, so you must give it a shot. Visit here to register.

Types Of Data Entry Jobs

This free online data entry company provides lots of data entry jobs which anyone can do from home, anywhere. I won't go into detail as they are well explained in the website, so you can read from the links below. Here's a list of all the data entry jobs:

Data Entry Services:

- Mail Receipt
- Document Scanning
Address Correction & Verification
- Internet Research

All of them are totally free, you can submit an application form here. Also check out FAQs section if you want to know more.

When & How Much You Can Earn

The minimum payout is $25 and you'll be paid twice monthly, after every second fridays. For requesting the payout you'll have to talk to Axion Data Services via email( or any other source. Full contact details are given below


Axion Data Services is not accepting new members right now, but they highly suggest to apply now. Because after every 1-2 years they hire applicants. So take the step now, as it only takes a minute to fill out the application form. It could be a great part time online job for you. 



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