Monday, September 5, 2011

FREE 1 Million Emails Addresses!

I've come to know that even the networking companies require huge emails lists to promote their business. The reason behind emails are so much effective in the promotion and marketing of any business that it can make any company a million dollar industry.

I've collected about a million emails from different sources on the internet. Now you don't need to spend hours to get 1 million email addresses. You can get them here for FREE!!


NOTE: Most of these emails belong to people who want to be friends. So please don't use them for spamming purpose. Spammers will be held responsible for the consequences.

Here is the video tutorial of how to get 1 million email addresses free

If you still want to get more free emails then you can use free software called Email Generator or Millions Email Generator. I won't go into detail, these softwares can generates thousands of email address. So you can get thousands of email addresses and boost up sales, invite thousands of friends on facebook, twitter, and other major social networks.

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Rayhanna said...

Hello,thanks for this. Please can you tell me how I can use these email addresses to offer a FREE wellness evaluation or an Income opportunity in 80 Countries.I dont want to be a spammer. Thanks a Million. Do you have anything that I can usefor South Africa alone

pearl said...

hi, for better services please click here;

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