Monday, September 12, 2011

Article Submitter Free Download - Submit Article Instantly

Writing articles is one of the easy ways to make money online and they're very vital in providing link building services. Anyone with good English can write articles. It just takes 10-20 minutes to write a cool and quality article. However, we have to go to the article websites and submit articles manually, which consumes a lot of time. No worries, now you won't have to do that again. 

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Free Article Submitter Download

I'm adding an article submitter software so you don't have to worry about submitting articles to article directories. With article submitter you can send one article to 50 article directories in just few minutes with only few clicks. I've been using this article submitter from few months and it has brought a great Free website traffic, using my blog signature in the end. It will surely help us a lot and increase article submission rate.

Download Article Submitter Software Free Here

NOTE: After download, make sure to turn off the Windows Firewall, as it won't allow article submitter to access the internet. Because without internet connection, you won't be able to connect to the article directories.

How It Works

1. Before starting the article submitter software, you must sign up to all the article submitting websites. Below is a list of top article website to which you can sign up

NOTE: Use the same username and password as well as other user information for all of the article directory sites. It will be unique and will work for all the article directories you signed up with.

List Of Top Article Directories

2. Start article submitter and you'll arrive at the screen below:

At this page, fill in all the information which you've used to sign up in the article websites, along with Bio Data. I suggest you add your website link or affiliate link using the html codes. Next, click on "Articles" tab.

3. Write the title of article in "Title" area and the article body in "Article" area, like you do manually in the article websites. Fill out the short summary, about 150 words maximum, and 5-7 quality keywords, which you've used in the article. Once finished, click on "Websites" tab.

4. Here, you can tick the article websites to submit article. Remember, check only those website in which you've signed up. If you've signed up in all article directories then simply click on "Select All".

5. This method will be used only during first time you run the software. After selecting the websites, you've to enter your "Username" and "Password". This can be done by choosing the article website and edit by "Edit" button as shown below. This step will require some extra work from your side, but the payoff is far worth the time invested as the article submitter will auto login you to the selected websites.

Note that the web address in "URL" is, by default, takes you directly to the article submission page. However there might be some updates in the website. If its different then you can change the "URL". Fill in the username and password and check the "Auto login" and click "Save". 

Next, either click on "Auto fill" if you want to submit article automatically to the article websites or choose "Manual fill" tab which is the same as you manually used to submit articles. I recommend  you to choose the "Auto fill" option.

6. It's time to submit article to the article directories. By now, I hope you've successfully completed all the previous steps. Just to remind you that article submitter don't just blast your article to these websites, because they will consider your article post to be scam as they often update their submission process to avoid this

Finally, article submitter not only helps to submit articles in "much less time" but it also reduces great amount of effort and headache due to manually submitting articles. 

However, during the auto article submission process, you have to manually select some other options like "Catagories" and "Sub-catagories" because every website article submission process is different and require a small bit of interaction from your side to avoid spam.

I must say, once you've correctly used article submitter this will bring huge traffic and backlinks from all over the internet. If you've any questions or problems let me know


Prorch said...

You are free to publish anything at DaringSearch - Free to Publish

mark taylor said...

Awesome tips about article submitter have been shared!!

The step by step process to use the software have been very well elaborated. It is quite helpful for the novice. We no longer need to submit the articles manually. The article submitter software does it all by itself. You get your one article submitted to a number of article directories with few mouse clicks. This is just awesome.

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