Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Make more money online Creating Your Own Ebook FREE

Besides giving updates on making money online ideas, I'm also uploading a list of free e-books about online business and making money online so that you could easily find these books here in this blog. Today I've added an e-book about "Create your own ebook", whose main objective is to allow you to Create Your Own Ebook Without Ever Writing One Word!
Book Review
                     It comprises of 81 page in depth information about how to create an ebook of any topic you want. Also there's a lot of references related to make an ebook. For example:

1. Getting presence on the web
2. Designing and formatting the style, graphics and layout of your ebooks
3. Lots of softwares websites(free and paid) which help to maximize online business with your e-books.
and much more..

             I'm going to list the contents of every making money e-book I post in this blog. The contents of "Create your own ebook" are:

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 --How to select a great topic
Chapter 2 --Where to find great writers
Chapter 3 --How to choose the best writer for your projects
Chapter 4 --Where to find an artist to develop great cover art
Chapter 5 --How to sell your book on the web
Chapter 6 --Where to find good, online ebook information

"Create your own e-book" also contains a list of dozens of free e-books downloading websites. 

One last piece of advice, if you find this e-book or any of the posts in this blog helpful then please comment and share this blog over other social networks. 


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