Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Missing followers widget problem...Solution

I'm writing this post to let people know that blogger service is not responding me for about a month. I've mailed them about my "Followers widget missing" but they still didn't reply me. However, It's appearing in my other blogs. 

So far, I've found one solution to the missing followers widget problem:

1. Save the template code (Make sure to Edit Widget Templates)

2. Choose a new blogger template and download it

3. Now open the saved template code and copy the code where appropriate (For example, if you want to place the same adsense code then simply copy paste it under the same location as in the saved template code

4. Click 'Preview' to check if its okay. If okay then 'Save Template'

5. If you've any question then please let me know in the comment box

I hope you know whats the solution... Change blogger template of exactly the same layout as your previous blogger template. As there are 100s of identical blogger templates over the internet. You can choose some from Premium Blogger Templates

Now I'm again changing my blogger template again so that my follower widget problem shall be resolved. It will only take a day to make a better modified blog.


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