Friday, August 12, 2011

5 Most Important Time management ideas for internet business

While surfing the internet I've found some of the best time management ideas to share with you today. In "Ideas Before Starting An Online Business", I said home based business is easy, IFF you manage time. 

I've come up with the 5 best time management techniques for the online success solution, if you apply them properly in your time management. They're also highly recommended by the professionals.

What is Time Management?

Time management is all about having extra control of your personal time plus utilizing it to enhance the standard of your daily life. It's a lot more than just handling your time; it is actually controlling your relation to time. This is the technique very few people today have, however it is the one that everyone must have. With the management of time, everyone will discover victory!

Now I hope you got the understanding of time management and why it is very important for the greatest internet marketers from Amadeus to Mark Zukerberg. If you’ve realized than you could be the next genius in your online business!

5 Best Time Management Ideas

Here are the top 5 time management ideas which you MUST follow:

1. Make a regular "To Do" report.

Make a list that aims at ideas on your online job to ensure absolutely nothing important can be ignored. It will enable you to easily plan your whole day routine. Moreover, review your list because it will surely motivate you to complete your task plus experience a terrific feeling of success by the end of the working day.

2. Use Your Calendar

If you make any kind of appointment or conference online with your trainers or prospects, then this idea will surely support you to avoid losing the meeting or consultation in near future. It must be your routine practice to examine the calendar before starting work each day to ensure not a single thing is skipped. If you wish to postpone the appointment then also it’s necessary to make a mark on your calendar.

3. Don’t Spend Extra Time On One Thing

Never invest extra time over one task. For example, if you ever dedicate a lot of time on social networking like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace to promote your website, then you definitely will have much less time to perform additional promoting methods. I spare a maximum of 2 hours on a single task. Make sure to allocate your time evenly.

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4.  Specify Alerts/Alarms

If you feel you’re late or in case you forget any appointment you can simply put an alarm or reminder on your watch or mobile. I use this method the most and it’s very helpful. It will surely save you a lot of time and stress. Try it you’ll know it yourself

5.  Split-Up Larger Plans
     In case if you’re blogging, like me, or want to promote any product in the online world then you have to manage more time and effort. The manual promotion method is the longest work in online business. It’s best to split-up your work into different parts in order:

  1. First make fascinating video about your blog or product etc. And post it to youtube
  2. Next, spend 3-4 hours per day for marketing via social networks like facebook, twitter etc. You can check My Facebook Page Here or Follow me in Twitter
  3. At least participate in 2 forums (warrior forum and digitalpoints) and use signature of your video. I use this because it is one of the best methods!
  4. Use pinging tool every 2-3 days or so.
  5. Try to spend one day per week writing articles in ezinearticles, articlebase and other top article sites. Or better use an article submitter
  6. If possible, use email marketing as well. This method is mainly used by the companies and firms. Check out my article about 1 million Free Email Addresses 

So these are the steps which I’m following for better time management. Therefore, I suggest you to create a personal time management system, from these 5 time management tips. And if you really want to improve your techniques, use them seriously. Again I say, determination and consistency are the key factor to boost your online business.

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I’m sure you’ll find these time management ideas pretty useful. Please recommend these to others and comment about your time management experience here.

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