Saturday, August 13, 2011

25 Free Softwares To Boost Your Online Business

I was amazed to know that how rapidly we can grow our online business with the help of right softwares. Softwares are an essential component in our internet business mainly because using the correct software applications; it can benefit us to save lots of precious time and revenue for the internet business.

Today I found this awesome report about how to boost business effectively! This report is from “John Tahn” from These softwares will be very helpful to you, if you want to grow online business effectively. However I’ve added some of the more recommended softwares:

It's an application which enables you to record all of your sign in details. Since there are a lot of websites to join and sign in, this is therefore an excellent software to help keep in your login records

This software is an alternative solution to MS Office. One great thing about OpenOffice is that it can easily convert any type of word document into a pdf file. This feature is required when publishing an e-book!

If you wish to generate a forum website by yourself. PHPBB is an excellent community forum application which operates better than the paid one. You can even change the design and layout of the forum by CLICKING HERE

Being an internet marketer, HTML editor is really a must for us to modify websites. Dreamweaver is also a great option but if you're limited in finances and you might like to get this Free Webpage Builder that can work nicely as well.

If you need to track and analyze your website to improve your website/blog. This poweful tool can do that for you! I think it is preferable ın comparison to the paid one.

This particular software operates in conjunction with Google Analytics. Google Optimizer serves as a split testing application. If you'd like to split test your landing page and salesletters, this can be a fantastic free software to work with. The remarkable thing isn't just that it's free; it can actually test a number of parameters on your site all simultaneously.

Note: You do must have a Google Adwords account to be able to access Google Optimizer.

If you would like modify the graphics, then you can certainly use GIMP. It's not just like photoshop however for standard editing, it really is very great.

There are lots of blogging and site-building systems but nothing at all beats wordpress. It's got plenty extensions that will boost the performance of your blog.

Note: Plugins can only be utilized if you yourself host the blog.

It's a software program which enables you to alter audio file which you have produced. You can record your own voice in high quality by using this application..

Online world has tons of viruses and malwares which can affect your computer badly, so I recommend that you have updated Anti Virus. You can install the Avast Antivirus Free Edition, which automatically updates itself.

To find out exactly what your subscribers desire by carrying out a survey then you definitely need this free survey program which lets you gather around 100 responses.

An internet based program which help you mass distribute to numerous video sharing sites like youtube and metcafe etc. You will find additional solutions that cost $97 monthly with this type of service if you need to take full advantage of it..

A high-quality affiliate marketer supervision software. It enables you to utilize it for free to sponsor as much as 50 affiliates it is therefore a great affiliate management to begin with.

These free email services are very beneficial. You can send/receive emails easily to anyone. Moreover, you can use them to chat with your subscribers or trainers etc.

Keywords are very important for making quality content and getting traffic. Use this tool for maximum Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

16. Skype/Gtalk 

An oral communication program that allows you to call overseas with small charge. They're free if both of you have installed them. Moreover, you can record interview through Pamela-System whenever you want to.

NOTE: You can also install this software in mobile phones (like Symbian s60, Android and Iphones) so you can talk promote online business on the go.

A skype plugin used to record calls/interviews.

If you’re tired from answering your customer email? This program works great to easily manage your customer support.

Bookmarketing to social networks is yet another smart way to attract more targeted traffic to your website but it really is very time-consuming to publish 1 by 1 at any given time. Socialmatics is a superb application to let you submit to numerous bookmarketing websites all together.

If you want to transfer a file to your server by simply clicking and draggin, then FTP software is a tool you must have, which transfers easily without logging to your cpanel.

Tell a friend system is a great strategy to drive more traffic to your site. At this time, you can tell your friends about this blog by:

  1. You can start sharing by any social networks at the end of this post
  2. Gmail
  3. Yahoo
  4. Msn
  5. Aol etc
  6. Click "Tell A Friend" at the top rite sideber on this page
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Arrange all of the rss subscriptions in 1 place so to stay informed with all the current updates of the latest information..

Its an excellent software to make videos, submit them to youtube etc. and get targeted traffic! I bought this software and it has helped me get huge traffic. I’m giving away this full software to my subscribers for FREE! I've also added an informative article about downloading free camtasia studio, check out here.

24. Article Submitter

If you want to submit articles to multiple sites simultaneously, it will take a lot of time. With article submitter, you can now send your article to 100s of article websites by just one click.

Instead of sending your blog/website to top directories manually, send them by one click with this great software. It saves me a lot of time.

I really hope the above mentioned lists of software programs will be a help in your online business and I'd love to get your feedback, comments or suggestions about this post. Please share and SUBSCRIBE to this blog if you find it helpful.

If you have any other important softwares then please share!


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