Sunday, November 28, 2010

Triond Secret Of 1,000,000+ Views

If you're a newbie to article marketing then most of you won't be able to write effective articles. There are many people out there who try to submit articles more than 10 times a day to the top article directory sites but earn nothing. It's mainly because you don't have enough skills in article marketing. So if you don't have the necessary skills, NO WORRIES, you can still earn from some of the recommended article marketing websites, like me, without any investment. You will enjoy earning and they're FREE to join!

Before joining these site you must be aware of The Best Spinner, an article software, from which you can create quality contents in few minutesThe Best Spinner will find required facts in minutes which you can update with fresh contents to create unique and quality articles. 

Here are some of the top article marketing directories which you can join FREE and make money writing online articles:

Triond is my favorite, you can make money easily by publishing anything. And once you submit articles it will be published in few moments. There are many ways you can make money using Triond besides article writing. So whatever your taste may be you can publish your work with Triond. You will also get money by sharing articles, videos, audio and pictures

Advantages of TRIOND

The more people view your work the more you'll earn. In Triond I've experienced this more than other sites. Some of the advantages of using Triond are:

- You can share your knowledge, opinion, ideas and even market with a global audience.
- As you write, your experience as an article writer will increase with Triond.
- You will gain wider recognition for your creations.
- As more people will view your articles, you will receive more feedback and insights from others.
- Triond pays you more than others when anyone views, comments or gives feedback on your work.
- If you have a Google Adsense Account, you can add it to Triond. So besides Triond, you'll also earn from your Adsense.

Above all, your writing experience will be improved and your earning potential will increase.

If you write 1 article in 1 day then in 1 month, 30 articles, you'll get little exposure. If you continue like this then in 1 year you will have 350 articles which means you'll earn top dollars with maximum exposure. Many Triond writers have achieved this level and they are earning thousands of dollars every month! They started with the plan and now they're successful. So now is the time, you can also do it. Join Triond and earn money online like them.

Triond Secrets - Make Money Fast

When you write articles, you have to make authentic and give factual information about your article or any other work. After that you want people to view, comment, rate or give feedback on your work. This is the most important part because it will reflect your earning potential. 

I've researched some of the best method that can increase your money and give maximum exposure to others. Here's how:

- Submit your article link to social networking sites like facebook, twitter, technorati, myspace, orkut and bebo etc. Check my post on Make Money With Facebook for tips to socialize effectively on facebook. When your article submission is confirmed then simply go to the content published page (shown below), from the dashboard page. Here you can share your article with as much as 200 social networks in just a few clicks.

- Before choosing a topic you must find the relevant keywords in Google Adwords. It contains the fresh contents searched monthly and because they are popular. In this way the probability of exposure will increase.

- Add as much friends as you can. This will bring more people close to you and your article. And more chances for your article views, comments and feedbacks. If you want to friend fast go to My Profile and open my friends in a new tab. Once you've clicked 20 pages, press "Ctrl-tab" and bring your mouse to "Add Friend" button. Click on "Add Friend" and press "Ctrl-tab" and so on. In this way you'll make friends faster, eventually make money faster.

So people, if you want to learn and earn with article marketing then joining Triond is a great choice. Remember one thing, if you don't want to learn then you can't earn. There are many sites where you can write and earn. But the revenue ted from other sites are very low. That is why I recommend Triond for my readers. You can make decent income if you post good number articles on Triond.

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