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Data Outsourcing Hub - Make Money Online Free Data Entry Jobs

This company has been around for 5 years and has earned a great reputation from its users. Data Outsourcing Hub is famous for providing free data entry online jobs. Besides that it also provides many other online jobs from home like Offshore typing projects, Web processing, Online data cleaning, Online Virtual Assistant,  Make money from blogging & MinuteWorkers.

These all online jobs are ABSOLUTELY FREE to join. You will have to submit online job application for data entry jobs manually either by a typing test or by submitting some details with resume. So if you've good typing speed, have an internet connection at home or office then you can make some good side income. Lets have a brief overview about each one of them:

This job is quite EASY and FREE to join. All the work depends on your typing speed. The more you type, the more you will earn. There is no limit. You will get data in the form of handwritten documents, scanned document images, hard copies, numeric, alphanumeric or any other formats and type them in Wordpad or Microsoft Word and provide the proof within the time limit.

How Much You Can Earn

You will get $1-$2 for 500 correct words. I think that won't take much time if your typing speed is more than 40 words per minute. You can make money online fast in as much as $1 per 10 minutes! Please check the Selection guidelines and Apply to the test whenever you want. Once selected, you'll be trained free of cost online for 3 days. So I suggest to give the test as soon as possible because the selected candidates will be limited. The best time to give the test is during the first 3 days of the month.

Web Form Processing

In web form processing your job will be to write simple data into form. All the work will be done online. The data format will be in scanned form like survey form, insurance form or even IT forms. You must have fluency in English, good typing speed of around 45-50 wpm and be able to work 8 hours Monday-Friday in order to apply for this project. If you meet this criteria you'll be earning around $30-$40 per day!

How Much You Can Earn

The rates differ for every form you process:

- Survey Forms ($4 Per Form)
- IT Forms ($3 Per Form)
- Insurance Forms ($3 Per Form)

Online Data Cleaning

Of all the jobs, this one is the simplest because you don't have to put any kind of special effort in it. It requires you to have basic knowledge MS Office. You'll be doing corrections in the documents provided in MS Word, MS Access or MS Excel formats. The type of data corrections will be spelling and grammatical mistakes, table borders and alignments and other types of simple errors. Online Data Cleaning requires only a speed of 20-25 wpm with good English communication skill and ability to work 8 hours per day, Monday-Friday. 

How Much You Can Earn

The earning rate varies with each of the documents you correct. It takes hardly 30-45 minutes to process each document. So if you work consistently, you could be earning around $50-$70 daily! The rates are as follows:

- MS Word ( $2 per 10 pages)
- MS Access ($3 per 100 records)
- MS Excel ($2 per 100 records)

If you can speak English fluently and have computer skills like web processing (MS Word), emailing, instant messaging (Chat), spreadsheets (MS Excel) and managing databases then you can easily make money at home online. Make sure you have a high speed internet connection. Your work will be handling projects assigned by any individual or a company according to your services. There are many services, short-term and long-term, you can choose according to your interests:

- Online Customer Support (Job Code: OCS0710
Chat Support Process (Job Code: CSP0710
Desktop Publishing (Job Code: DP0710
Graphic Designing (Job Code: GD0710
Website Designing (Job Code: WD0710
Medical Transcription (Job Code: MT0710)
Online Editing and Proofreading (Job Code: OEP0710)

How Much You Will Earn

Earning can vary from $5 (for short-term projects) to $10 (for long-term projects) per hour. If you are an experienced virtual assistant then you can make $20 per hour. I know you are surprised after reading that! So are you interested? To apply for online jobs of virtual assistant on any one or more jobs mentioned above you can write to with complete details of experience, Job Code and resume enclosed.

There are two methods to make money from blog.

1. Write articles for other blogs

If you are a writer, or you write articles online, then this job is for you. Bloggers or other website will pay you for writing articles on their sites. This is a great chance of doing part time work from home. If you are blogging then this typing job will be really exciting and earn you even more. Many bloggers are earning like this. With your writing skills you will be able to write articles, reviews or summaries on topics of your interests. Remember that you will also earn from shared advertising.

With this making money online job you will earn $2-$15 or even more if you're an experienced writer. If you want to apply for this job then send a unique sample post to and soon you will be notified.

2. Add banners to your blog

If your website visitors click on the ad banners then you will earn a commission. The earning can vary depending upon the space you provide to the banners. So you don't need any requirement for this work. Just copy the "html" code and paste to your blog.

To get started sign up with and get $3.00 as a sign up bonus. But the minimum payout is $300 so that will take a while to earn. However the commissions are good!

Data Outsourcing Hub has added a new program in its database its called MinuteWorkers. Its also open to all and free to joinMinuteWorkers provide many tasks which you can finish in minutes and earn a good income from them. These tasks are offered by the individual employers, so once you complete the jobs you have to send a proof to them. After you're approved you'll earn money.

Data Outsourcing Hub is 100% legitimate company. You can do the research yourself over the internet. Before that why not give it a shot? Because thousands of users apply every month. Since I got this news I strive to get these jobs as soon as possible and once I get it I'll update it. If you have any information you can share here. So just complete the requirements and you're on your way to earn extra money.

NOTE: You must apply for all the jobs in Data Outsourcing Hub in the first 2-3 days of the month because that is the time when people are selected.

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