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Mylot - A Social Community Website Like Facebook

What Is MYLOT?

You may know about Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and many other types of social networks. MYLOT is also a social community website where we can talk with people on various topics we are interested in like health, hobbies, computers, sports, food, love, music, games,  movies, online jobs, sports and whatever topics you like. It is one of the best growing networks in the world. DO you know why? Because by signing into MYLOT, you'll get paid for your participation like you do on Facebook or Myspace. The more you participate, the more you will earn!

How To Join Mylot?

First of all, if you haven't, you have to SIGN UP. Next step, you must to be aware of the general FAQs and Guidelines. Lets explain some of the rules and regulationsMYLOT don't allow abusive language or any other type of threatening sentences. They can ban you for doing this. Second thing is that if you post your link in any discussion, it will be removed after some time without any notice. So don't post your direct link in any discussion. You can only post the name of website, not the website address. Third point, MYLOT won't tolerate spammers so avoid spamming. So these are the only three rules to take care of. The rest is simple, you joined MYLOT means you're going to make money online!

How Much You Can Earn?

This is the most important question in everyones mind. Bascially, your earning will depend on the way you post your comments. When I first joined MYLOT I thought I could make $5 to $10, so I decided to post 50 to 100 comments a day, like I do on Facebook. So I started to post blindly. Infact, I never made so much amount and I have to accept its out of my limits.

I found there is a smart way rather than doing hard. So I gave it a try. I made 15 one line posts (QUANTITY) one day and made 10 cents.  Can you afford with 10 cents a day?  Next day spent few minutes and made two QUALITY posts, perhaps 4-5 sentences each post, made 55 cents for two posts only! It means if I post 5-6 high quality keywords post per day then it's possible to make $3-$5 per day. Now let me ask you again, how much can you earn?

Easy Ways To Make Money Online On Mylot

Currently MYLOT has more than 2 million members and this number increases significantly everyday. This is the point where the QUALITY of your post counts. The more informative your post the better is your earning potential. Here are some easy ways to make money online with MYLOT:
  1. Ask Questions: When someone replies to the question that you asked, you get paid. So the key will be to ask unique questions that are not asked by anyone so far in MYLOT discussion forum. Your chances of making money increase if your question receives 20 or 30 response.
  2. Answer Questions: Don't give one line answers. You should include as much details as you can in your answer and should include at least 4-5 lines in your answer.
  3. Include Images: Uploading images in your questions and answers will increase your chances of earning even more. So don't forget to include a relevant image wherever you can whether you asking a question or answering someone else question.
  4. Area Of Interest: You can specify your area of interests in your profile page. You will be able to make money online more with MYLOT discussion forum when you answer a question falling in your area of interest.
  5. Referral System: MYLOT pays you 20% of what your referral member is able to earn. This can boost-up your confidence so invite more and more of your friends and family to make a steady flow of income. I've added my referral link so you can join through my referral link.
  6. Increase Your Reputation: Don't forget to rate user's discussion, comments, posts and photos (negative or positive) to increase your reputation system. The more you rate, the more repo you'll gain and more you'll earn. 
  7. Play Games & Quizzes: This is fun, you can play games and quizzes and post them to your wall on other social networks like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Orkut etc.

Secret Of Mylot...Make Money Online Fast

The minimum payout of MYLOT is $10. You must be wondering it is very hard to achieve $10, even if I post 1000 QUALITY posts per day. Man...I'm gona wait forever! But I'm here to share with you some of the secrets which can make you reach this goal in just a few days. Yes days, because to start you can only progress step-by-step, you can't just jump to the top and grap the concept instantly can you? If you can let me know in the comment box :)

With these steps you will earn a good income, to be honest, I can't say you'll earn $10 in just one day but you will earn atleast $5.

    1. The first thing you should do is get lots of referrals who like to post. If you get people who are very active they will make you money. And all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the cash flow into your pockets. You can get new people to sign up under you on paid to post forums. Make a page on facebook and introduce MYLOT. Another place to get referrals is on Use social networks as much as you can. All you have to do is search for people who like to make money online. And you will see tons of profiles you can send a message and referral link too.
    2. MYLOT pays a lot more to upload images. But they only allow you to upload them to your interests sections. This is OK you can just create many interests and then post tons of images in them. If you make lots of interests even if you are not interested in something you will make lots of money. All you need to do it make tons of interests and then post images in them. If you do at least 100 images a day you can make 2 dollars or more. This is not a lot of money but it's more than what MYLOT pays for posting

    3. Add these interest love, make extra money, facebook, myspace, MYLOT, music, life, question & answers, friends, cell phones, gadgets, gmail, me, home, parents and interests like these shown in above figure. They are regularly been updated so you can post as much you can to earn money fast.

    4. You can also add a banner to your profile page. Here's how:

    1. click on 'profile'. Your profile page will open.

    2. click on 'Edit Profile'. Now you will be in the edit mode. 

    3. On the right top side of the page click on ‘add content’. 

    4. Select the radio button and click on ‘add item’.

    5. Type or paste the html code of your link banner in ‘html sortie’ box. 

    6. Click on ‘save changes’or 'edit', near the right side of this box. 

    7. Click on ‘View Profile’. Finish. Try this and see. The code should be html code, not the BB code. 

    Last but not least, Please make sure you give your best efforts to respond with quality responses in every post. So give it a try and let me know how it goes! I hope you all make a lot of money using my secrets on MYLOT.

    I hope this Free online job has given you an idea about making money online. If you work with MYLOT for just 2 years you'll be making $30-$40 per day doing nothing! This is the best part of MYLOT

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