Saturday, October 8, 2011

Guranteed $100s/Day With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is considered one of the easiest and top methods for making money online. If you understand the concept of affiliate marketing and how it's done, you'll be able to make $100s with just affiliate marketing. I'm an affiliate marketer, but my passion is blogging so I concentrate more on posting new ideas about making money online.

Many people don't even know what affiliate marketing is about. So let's start:

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple words, Affiliate Marketing is the way by which we promote companies/individuals products, a.k.a. "Affiliate Products", and if we sell their products by our promotion link, a.k.a. "Affiliate Link", then we earn a commission from the companies/individuals respectively.

NOTE: The commission depends on the type of Affiliate Product. You can earn from $5 to $50 per commission. 

Affiliate Marketing is 100% Free and 100% legitimate and scam-free work. So there is no risk of any type.

Starting With Affiliate Marketing Business

I hope now you know the concept of Affiliate Marketing, so lets explain how you can make $100s with Free Affiliate Marketing. Just follow the step-by-step information given below to get started:

- Make an Online Account with Paypal. If Paypal doesn't support your country then use Alertpay, Moneybookers or Liberty Reserve.

NOTE: Most companies/individuals only offer Paypal, so you've to confirm about the payment method first

- Next, Sign up with "Affiliate Websites". Some of the top Affiliate Websites are Amazon associates, Clickbank, Google Affiliates, Paydotcom, Linkshare or Commission Junction etc. You can sign up with one or all of them. I've joined Paydotcom & Clickbank as they've lots of affiliate products related to my blog niche.

NOTE: Sign Up with all of them is totally free.

- Once signed up, browse through the affiliate products of your interest. Once selected, you'll be given an Affiliate Link, through which you can promote the Affiliate Product. Some of my interests are about making money online, website traffic, ebooks and digital products.

- Now it's time to do some research about the affiliate product you chose. This is very important because people are very curious about the reliability of the products. So you have to be 100% sure about the legitimacy of the affiliate product.

NOTE: Search through Google and Ezinearticles about the your affiliate product reviews. You'll find lots of reviews and suggestions about the affiliate product.

- Finally, promote your affiliate product, by its affiliate link, and give a small and attractive, one sentence, description about the affiliate product. Promote especially through your blog, social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin), by emails, video marketing and article marketing etc.

NOTE: Promote as much as you can. You can find tons of "Promotion Tools" from Free Website Traffic, Free Article Marketing, Top Ideas and much more from this blog.

- Promote as much as you can. Believe me your first affiliate commission will boost up your confidence and will make affiliate marketing more easier for you.

If you want any kind of help or support please let me know in the comment box.

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