Saturday, September 17, 2011

Increase Web Hits By Submitting Sitemaps To Google Webmaster

Every blogger is trying to get unique and effective way to increase website traffic for free. To be honest, every new idea saturates the internet like a flood and even the paid ones don't come with unique ideas. But Increase Traffic Products require less efforts than the Free traffic methods. However, there is one method which most of the new bloggers don't know and that is "Increasing website traffic by using Sitemaps".
Sitemap - What is it?

Most of you might not know what is Sitemap. Sitemaps are the links to every page of your website/blog, which is one of the easy ways of search engine optimization. They're very useful if your website access uses Adobe Flash Player or Javascript (Dynamic access). With the help of Sitemaps your website will appear more clear to the search engines in terms of contents. 

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How To Get Sitemap?

To get your website sitemap, simply add "/robots.txt" after the url of your website. (Example: OR

The image below shows the sitemap of my blog (Covered in red):

NOTE: Your Sitemap will appear at the same place.

Submitting Sitemaps To Google Webmaster

In case if you don't know about Google Webmaster, it's a Google application by which Google identifies your website by monitoring each of your site link status. So make an account in Google Webmaster, if you don't have one.

Copy the links below as they will be used below:

1. atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

2. feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated

So follow the steps below to submit Sitemaps to Google:

- After Signing up with Google Webmaster, login and you'll be taken to the homepage. Now click "Add a Site"

- After adding your site, you'll be asked to verify it. There are four methods of verification, Click here. However, prefer using the Meta Tag method, because its easy and fast. Click here for Meta Tag Verification Method

- After verifying your site, its time to Submit Sitemap. Refer to the figures below to further steps, I'm going to add my blog Sitemap so follow as it is:

This is the homepage.
Click on "Sitemaps" as shown

Enter the codes as shown below


And click "Submit Sitemap"

Again, click on "Submit a Sitemap" and enter the code as shown below:


And finally, "Submit Sitemap"


You'll see the result like this:

NOTE: If you've any related question let me know in the comment box.


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