Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Automatically Submit Posts To All Social Networks With Onlywire

Sending your blog posts (or any other post) to maximum amount of social networks is very important because it can increase traffic and boost up your blog or website rankings. However, it takes a lot of time and effort. Because you'll be sending your posts by first visiting the social networking sites one by one, then signing on and, after a long waitig process, you'll have write and send the post. This is very tough.

Believe me you don't want to do this thing manually. What if all your submission process is done automatically? What if you can just type your post or message and send it to over 40+ social networks in just a few minutes?  Yup, it is possible only with Onlywire! Big relief...shoof!

I've been using Onlywire from few days now and as a result my blog traffic has increased considerably. The best thing I like about Onlywire is that, once I publish blog post and send through Onlywire, it automatically sends my post to all of my signed up social networks without even entering them. Which saves me a lot of time and sends my blog posts to maximum people.

This traffic building software is totally free, easy to install and use. Follow the simple steps below to get started:

- Goto Onlywire and sign up a free account

- Download the software and after download and installation, you'll see a small icon in in the notification area as shown below. "Right click" and select "Authorize account". Select a "Username" and click "Done".

- Next thing, is to setup your account on social networks. For example if you don't have an account in Facebook then you have to sign up and add your details in this section. Either sign up for all of them or some of them, its your choice.

- Optional: If you like to add the Onlywire "Bookmark & Share button" to your website you can get your button here

- Finally, after you're done with setting up your account on the social networks, you can Start Posting Now. You can even select the time for posting, which is "Now" or "Later". If you select "Now" then your post will appear in all the social networks after a few moments. 

- You can also check the "History" of your submissions, and check the submission confirmation.

NOTE: Onlywire takes about 10-20 minutes to publish depending on the amount of Social networks so you have to be patient.

You can also watch the video tutorial shown below:

Note: The free version of Onlywire has some limitations. You can post a maximum of 300 submissions per month. 

If you're a daily blogger, affiliate marketer or any other type of marketer then there are more options, with Great Package Plans, provided by Onlywire:

- OnlyWire PRO (contains a 1000-100,000 submissions per month)

- OnlyWire Enterprise (Unlimited submissions)

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There's a site called "" which works the same as Onlywire.

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