Monday, January 3, 2011

Make 1,000,000+ Facebook Fans

First you must check few examples of top rated fan pages which can help you understand their way of attracting the audience. Here's one example:

1. [Page Name] - Make SURE your page name has not already been used before! This is important because people will automatically look at it if it HAS already been done or looks similar and say exactly that "Oh I already added a group similar to this one before"and not even bother looking at it. Now at some times you can out shine the previous group but it is good to be original and authentic. People like original and authentic!

2. [Relate] - Make sure your group relates to a LARGE group of people. Usually the groups that makes the most people say stuff like "Haha ! & I thought I was the only one !" or "ONG that's sooo me" are the most successful ones.

3. [Respect] - Make sure the page name does not discriminate or insult another religion, belief, ethnicity, culture and or gender! In order to gain everyone's respect you must respect everyone.

4. [Link Picture to Page Name] - Choose a effective picture that is in relation to your page name!

5. [Is Your Picture Appropriate?] - Be sure to have picked an appropriate display picture on your Fan Page/Group. If this picture involves nudity and or graphic content the page will eventually become flagged and will be exterminated immediately regardless of its number of fans/members. 

6. [Suggest to friends] - Suggest your page to all your friends on your Facebook account by clicking "Suggest this page to friends" located directly under your pages profile picture". Try not to suggest your page to often because people will begin to become bothered by it and though they can not stop it, they most likely will tell you personally to stop sending it to them. At times may even delete you as a friend. Suggest as much as you can but when you get that first complaint, thats when you know to slow your role. Be courteous as they are your friends.

7. [Get some Family/Friend Help] - Ask as many as your friends and even family as possible if they can also suggest your page to there friends. If you have friends/family over seas, EVEN BETTER. Why? Because by allowing someone from another country to suggest your page to there friends, your page has a open opportunity to become international, not just a local fan page.

8. [Don't over do it] Try to refrain from excessive status updates! People do and will being to get annoyed by seeing the group posting content every 5 minutes and they will either unsubscribe to your feed or worse, LEAVE YOUR FAN PAGE/GROUP! 1 or 2 posts a day is safe.

9. [Grammar] - Spelling is very important when posting content to your fans/members! Though you may not think so, people will pick up the smallest grammatical error, point it out and say something. Sooner or later like the domino effect everyone will notice it. You do not want to look stupid to the people that are supporting you!

10. [LOL] - Having a personality is always great. People like a good laugh. If you are capable of making a few thousand people giggle, sure why not do it. (Once again be sure not to insult anyone in the process)

11. [Be Polite] - After every post thank your fans for their support and kindly ask that they suggest your page to all their friend to help build the page.

12. ["OUR" Group] - When speaking to your fans ALWAYS refer to the page that you created as "OUR" page. This will allow your fans to feel like they really are involved and a part of the progress. Therefore they will most likely become more loyal as to not to leave the group/page and always comment on your new posts! (Which is good for your pages ratings if you have a Fan Page)

13. [Fan Page Leaching] - Though extremely annoying and frowned upon, Fan Page leaching is also a good way to attract some traffic. By simply going to larger, more developed pages and posting your pages link to their wall people will most likely see it if it stands out, add it! (Note: Fan Page leachers are extremely annoying as you will begin to learn once your page grows larger. Though this techniques is very affective in most cases people will being to look at your link as spam & not even click on it. Also not that posting the same content VERY often someone will report you as spamming or you will trigger Facebook S.P.D (Spam Protection Device) temporarily blocking your account. Be careful with this one people!) 

14. [Entertainment] - It is also good to keep your fans entertained, maybe post videos or pictures having to do with your pages name.

15. [Fan Photos] - Be sure to remind your fans that they are allowed to upload there own fan photos to your page. Like I mentioned earlier, keeping your fans involved is a very effective way of building a large fan page.

16. [Get the Fans Involved] - Ask your fans questions like some sort of "Question of the day:" just to keep them occupied and not bored with your page. (Remember to always keep it appropriate) Questions like; What was your favorite childhood TV show?, Who's your favorite actor, or If you were to have the opportunity to meet any celebrity right now who would it be?.

17. [Set Some Goals] - Be sure to set goals for yourself! If your next goal is to hit 10,000+ fans, tell your fans, ask them if they think "we as a team" can pull it off. If you have loyal fans, you'll be surprised how many people will motivate to achieve that goal!

18. [Responsibility] - Along with a GREAT number of fans comes an even GREATER responsibility. If you catch any fowl language or abuse happening on your page please bring it to attention by posting a status warning people that anymore foul language will result in banning from the group and they will immediately be reported to the Facebook crew. This will grab some respect from the people either being abused, disagree with the language and abuse and even at times the abuser. At the end of the day, you are ultimately the boss, and like a boss you need to run things properly.

19. Remind your fans that they are free to start discussions. This will circulate more fans to your page if a good strong discussion has been started.

& Last but not least; 

20. The MOST important rule of ALL, be patient and BELIEVE in your group/fan page as much as you want it to grow! 

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