Sunday, December 12, 2010

Get $20 Free With Bidvertiser

It gave me FREE $20 just for signing up with Bidvertiser. I hope you know what is Bidvertiser? It's an ad campaign from which you can place ads on your website, just like Google Adsense (Look above). With Bidvertiser you can bring unique free website traffic, sell products and make thousands of free referrals for any money making website like Paid To Click or Survey websites.

- Goto Bidvertiser

- Click 'Sign Up' in Advertisers:

- Fill The Required Fields and Click 'Get Activation Code':

- Activation Code will be sent to your email address. Copy paste it in Bidvertiser. Click Continue:

- After joining go to ‘Ads Manager’ page and read these steps well before making campaign:

- Goto Ads Center, Add new ad:

Click Create Your Text Ad, Click Computer & Internet: Check Home Business & Get Paid To Surf/Read  You could also select ‘Jobs Careers & Work here), then click Done Selecting:

- Next, write the keywords shown below (Most Successful Keywords for PTC): You can search for high quality keywords HERE :

- Select "All Countries" and click Next:

- Set Bids $0.05 (minimum) and up to $0.10 (maximum). Never ever set >$0.10:

- How to Create Ad (Example): If you have a blog to promote ptc sites then the image below and click Next:

- Set Daily Budget to $5 at beginning (you may increase at any time) and click Next:

- Done. But your ads are now ‘Offline’ and ‘Pending for approval’. Don't worry, it will be approved within a day. 

NOTE: Set Your Daily Cap to $5. The daily cap is how much you spend for your ads from your daily budget.

This step is a must-know which you should use to make money online. It will surely help you. It has been one of the fastest method in bringing traffic to my blog. So get started as it wont take much time. Start making money online $100/month whether you're a student or any employee.

NOTE: After you receive an email from Bidvertiser you should add details about your bank or credit card. Bidvertiser takes full responsibility for the safety of your account at any cost. This is done so that you make only one account. Bidvertiser won't deduct any money from your account.

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